Hawaiian Gambling Will Finally Come Back: Details on New Bill 2023

The Hawaiian gambling industry seems to be going through significant reformation in the legislation system. The state’s authority will finally launch a regulatory establishment that would be responsible for the regulation and organization of the gambling market. GBC Time has highlighted the most interesting details of the upcoming reforms.

Hawaii became a gambling-free zone right after joining the US in 1959. Since that time, any form of gambling was restricted and totally banned. However, it seems like this ban will soon be in the past.

According to the current legislation system of the US, Hawaii is one of the two US states, where gambling is fully banned. However, the recently proposed bill is supposed to change the market.

The gambling bill was initiated by the Democrat party. The main task of this legislation project is to legalize casino gambling and poker. Yesterday, on 23 January 2023, the bill passed the first reading.

Find the official Bill text here.

The further destiny of the bill is currently unknown, but GBC Time will brighten all the upcoming details of the gambling market in Hawaii.

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