Australian Crown Resorts Goes Live with Its New Rolling Chip Program in Melbourne and Sydney

After Crown Resorts had gone through a tough period, it seems that things finally started to be better. 

Operating without junkets or agents:

The renowned casino operator from Australia released a brand new rolling chip Premium Player Program, which will be available to players at Crown Melbourne and Crown Sydney. However, it will not be available at the company’s property in Perth.

All qualified players will be able to play, never mind if they are Australians or players from other countries. However, not every country will have a chance to be qualified.

The whole process will be operated by Crown without involving any agents or junkets.

The program will be developed with the help of regulators from Victoria and New South Wales. At the moment, they’re working with the company to ensure the program is working smoothly, along with complying with all regulations required by the Finkelstein Royal Commission from Melbourne and Sydney’s Bergin Inquiry

This isn’t the first time Crown is working on similar programs. VIP rolling chip programs planned to go live globally were abandoned because of regulatory inquiries, followed by serious allegations. The company’s former junket partners were allegedly accused of having connections to Asian crime syndicates. On top of that, back in 2016, part of the company’s staff was arrested because of the promotion of gambling, which was illegal in mainland China.

New organizational structure:

A lot has changed since then – and the company was completely re-invented. The whole Board of Directors, along with the senior management, was replaced, along with the new owner of The Blackstone Group.

The new CEO, Ciarán Carruthers, was chosen about a year ago, and things for the company started changing – they decided to work with only approved and qualified people, trying to avoid making the same mistakes again.

When Carruthers started working for the company in September 2022, he decided that the Crown wouldn’t be working with junkets anymore. According to Inside Asian Gaming, apart from stopping the use of junkets, there are other changes that will be conducted, including welcoming international guests again.

At the time, he said: “We’re not in the junket business if that’s part of the question. That’s not part of the plan going forward. I think as the international markets start opening up again, with the very strict controls we have in terms of KYC and AML, we’ll be able to let qualified international players back in again. That will happen sometime in the future, but we’re a long way off from that right now.”

And now, the time for thorough changes has come – and everyone’s looking forward to it.

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