A Psychological Portrait of an Online Casino Player

A casino is a favorite place for people who like to gamble. Such entertainment has existed since ancient times, and all this time, gambling has been carefully researched.

Experts study not only gambling but also people who like such activities. For most psychologists, casino players are a vast space for research. Experts are trying to understand what exactly motivates people to launch slot machines at online casinos from online-casinocz.com and visit land-based gambling halls.

Another area of research is why some gamblers can stop in time and never lose large sums of money, while others face real addiction, which is comparable to alcohol and drugs. Modern psychologists have already collected quite a lot of material in this area. All this allows you to create a psychological portrait of a player in an online casino. It is worth immediately clarifying that psychologists divide all visitors to online casinos into several categories, depending on the goals they pursue by launching gambling.

5 types of people who enjoy online gambling

An interesting fact is that gamblers are found among different categories of citizens, regardless of their social status, age, position in society, and other factors. For example, several famous monarchs spent a lot of time gambling.

Let's return to players who visit online casinos most often. The administration of online casinos typically uses psychological abilities. Such knowledge allows not only attracts new customers to a casino but also builds the right line of communication with regular players.

Random players

This is the fickle category of gamblers, which is not very interesting for online casinos. Such people do not look for gambling entertainment themselves; it is games that find them. For example, a player may register on an online casino site just because he is interested in a welcome bonus.

There are several more reasons why players from the Casual category come to play at the casino:

  • Following an interesting advertising link;
  • Simple need to somehow spend spare time;
  • Recommendations from colleagues, relatives, friends, etc.

These players are minimally involved in the gameplay. They are easy to enter the game and just as easy to close, regardless of whether they are now winning or losing. Psychologists note that casual players never feel disappointed if they lose.

Such players choose only proven sites, ready to pay for quality services, so they do not regret the lost money. Random players also treat winnings as an unexpected bonus to luck.


Gameplay is important for these people; they consider gambling a complex and expensive way of spending time. They fully understand how roulette works, with what frequency red and black fall on the field, and what chances they have of picking up a big win.

Intellectuals are very fond of playing poker, as it is a game where they can show all their abilities to the maximum. An intellectual player will never start a slot machine just like that, and they will first study the RTP indicator, the rules, and the features of a particular slot. Furthermore, such customers could run the game in a demo.

Intellectuals are well-versed in probability theory, mathematical models, etc. All this knowledge helps them to make rational bets. For intellectuals, losing does not cause negative emotions, and each victory signifies that they are moving along the right path.

High rollers and VIP players

This category often includes players who occupy a high position in society. They can afford to play at high stakes; they are not afraid to spend much money in online casinos. Such players launch slot machines, as well as other online casino games, for two reasons:

  1. To further confirm your high social status in society.
  2. Have a good time and experience indescribable excitement in anticipation of a win.

For this category of players, winning is a nice bonus. But if they lose, they do not experience any emotions from losing funds.

A Psychological Portrait of an Online Casino Player


Many try to escape their true feelings by immersing themselves entirely in one area or another. So, they struggle with anxiety, depression, and other emotional disorders. Some people use gambling as a therapy to eliminate these emotional states. Do not confuse this category of players with gambling or compulsive ones. For escapists, the desire to play appears only if they face certain emotional upheavals.

This category stops gambling immediately after the psychological crisis has passed. They will not return to the casino if they find another way to solve their emotional problems.

But this category of players can also be called problematic. Being not in the best emotional state during the game, they tend to make unreasonable bets and lose their money.

Addicted players

These are troubled players who can't stop. They always need to play slot machines, bet on sports, etc. They are entirely dependent on the feeling of excitement they experience. All thoughts of such players are focused on the gameplay; because of their obsession, they lose vast amounts of money on slot machines.

Addicted players need professional help. Most online casinos support the idea of responsible gaming. They are trying to help fight against gambling addiction with the possibility of self-exclusion, limiting the size of bets, etc.

Why online casinos are popular among different categories of people

There are several reasons why people gamble:

  • Addiction to online gambling;
  • A way to get additional income;
  • An opportunity to have fun;
  • Checking your skills and knowledge;
  • Testing hypotheses and strategies, developing your approach to winning, etc.

We talked about the most common categories of players in online casinos. As you may have noticed, the psychological portraits of these clients are quite different—certain factors can encourage a person to start gambling. After studying our article in more detail, you will be able to understand what type of player you are.

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